Affiliate Marketing for New Yorkers

Just when I started to get established in affiliate marketing, my sites ranked, and some decent commission checks rolling in, I was stopped dead in my tracks. Marketing on the Internet is not easy, it requires a lot of time and persistence. Throw in the recent tax law New York State enacted on June 1st, and it becomes almost impossible if you reside in New York State.

What do you do? Panic? At first….because that’s money being taken right out of your own pocket. Then you think of every viable solution you can come up with and then research. Well, I’m here to tell you, and the reason I started this site, was to help anybody who’s in the same situation I am, or was rather. Being dropped from your best providing merchants, finding a work around and getting back on their affiliate programs cost me several hundred dollars and a few weeks of my time. Was it worth it? Of course, now I have great traffic on my websites, my merchants came back, and commissions began coming in the very next day.

What did I do? Very simple, actually. Follow the steps I took here. I’m sure there will be plenty of other people with different views, and different solutions for some of my steps, and that’s great. I want to hear them, that way you will better informed. I’m looking at it as though I’m initiating the process. I want everybody to start here and run with it!

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